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Sample Sunday: Meek Mill - "Intro"

Meek Mill is straight forward and to the point, on his Championships intro track. Here he establishes the dark tones of this ambitious album. As his first album since his release from prison, Meek Mill attempts to forceful comeback here. In this LP, he explores themes of civil justice, incarceration, and rebirth.

Championships was released Nov. 30, 2018. Major rap acts like Drake, Cardi B and Rick Ross feature on the album. At 1hr 9mins long, it stays in line with Meek’s traditionally long album length. It was released through Dream Chasers Records, an imprint label through Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

The song is based around Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight.” Multiple samples from the track are used, including Collins’ own vocals. “Intro” was produced by Papamitrou, Dream Chasers Records’ resident producer. His beats often use dark and murky 808s infused with orchestral elements, complementing the echoing style of “In The Air Tonight.” Meek Mill starts out Championships with the iconic gated reverb drums that echo throughout the Phil Collins original. The original synth is cut up and looped for backing breaks. As the song plays, it gradually builds in intensity, using the iconic Collins’ drum solo at its peak. Every element of the ‘80s original is woven in beautifully to this new iteration.

He begins the album by comparing his life to a sports championship where he is the losing team, down 3-1. After years of struggle, he’s ready for his winning streak, and plans on winning it all. With Championships, Meek Mill aims to be at the top, this intro is what gives him the validity to be there.

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